Marcxell Minerals is a gold and diamond company and producer operating in the Lusaka district of Zambia. Having earned a reputation as a specialist in the mining of Gold, Diamonds and Copper in open pit and shallow underground mining, Marcxell Minerals produces and processes coal products for international markets. We are a seller and producer of raw materials. Marcxell Minerals respects its delivery commitment and the quality of our products.

Marcxell Minerals is an independent global gold, diamond and copper mining company with a diversified and high quality portfolio of operations, projects and exploration activities in Zambia. While gold and copper are our primary commodities, we also produce other commodities as by-products and will seek value creation opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our existing assets, skills and experience to enhance value creation.

The primary strategic objective of Marcxell Minerals is to generate sustainable improvements in cash flow and shareholder returns by focusing on five key areas. These areas of focus guide our internal investment plans to provide higher quality production aimed at increasing margins, extending mine life and shaping the portfolio over the longer term.

• Portfolio of assets that must be actively managed to improve the overall composition of our production base as we strive to achieve a competitive valuation as a business.

• People are the foundation of our company. Our company must operate according to our values if it is to remain sustainable in the long term.

• We need to ensure that our balance sheet is always able to meet our core funding requirements.

• All spending decisions must be carefully reviewed to ensure that they are optimally structured and necessary to achieve our core business objective.

•  While we strive to ensure the most efficient day-to-day operation of our business, we must ensure that we create a competitive pipeline of opportunities over the long term.

To create value for our shareholders, employees and business and social partners by exploring, developing and marketing our products in a safe and responsible manner. Our primary focus is on gold, but we will seek value creation opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our assets, skills and experience to enhance value creation. MISSION VISION To be the first mining company of global value… Our business values and beliefs guide our behavior so that we have a positive impact. These behaviors and beliefs establish a link between our business activities and our social performance. Marcxell Minerals is the African leader in mining. We have the largest number of sites in Africa and the most innovative and reliable products and services. Gold and diamonds offer us the strongest security of supply and quality, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration from mining to the production of complete service solutions.

Increasing urbanization around the world makes the mining and metals sector important to global industrial growth – and vital to our society. For Marcxell Minerals each order is as unique as each ore or raw material. Our partnership involves listening and asking questions to understand our customers’ ambitions and challenges. Our experts will find the most effective solutions to meet your various requirements. We work closely with you throughout the process to meet necessary needs and requirements, from the exploration phase, mining and ore processing, through to further beneficiation, smelting and finally refining and manufacturing of the final product.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our company. The technological product we use is preceded by cutting-edge innovation. Our teams work closely with customers to develop the right solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. We have unique skills and extensive experience – but more importantly, we have a deep understanding of process technology to know what sustainable efforts are needed to contribute to more efficient production and lower emissions.

Our Hard Materials Development Center investigates the use of hard materials in mining, particularly in rock drilling applications, taking into account factors such as manufacturing processes, material properties, in-service behavior and new product opportunities. Through proprietary production processes and extensive in-house engineering, we are continuously developing new drilling tools and cemented carbide grades that improve drilling operations and offer superior performance and reduced costs.


Sertico Engineering & Design (Marcxell Group company) is the driving force behind the engineering development of our future state-of-the-art solutions for mining and rock excavation. Technical proficiency combined with engineering intelligence to deliver environmentally and commercially viable solutions. Our main areas of focus in operations include automated mining solutions that improve safety, as well as energy efficiency and alternative energy sources that help reduce operating costs. Sertico Engineering & Design provides this excellent level of attention through teams of experienced professionals based in the United States and Europe delivering various services globally.

New sustainable solutions for a world need raw materials extracted with the most efficient processes. This is why we pay special attention to environmental protection, process optimization, efficient use of energy and consumables, which are essential factors for any industrial project.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Marcxell Minerals participates in the rehabilitation of mined lands, with an emphasis on water conservation and recycling at its two coal mines in Lusaka. As some of the mines were not filled by the previous miner, they have, over time, accumulated water.

In an effort to create a sustainable recycling process, Marcxell Minerals is currently using this excess water to process minerals in its washing plant. Once the wells are completely emptied of excess water, the land will then be backfilled and returned to its original form.

Marcxell Minerals believes that safety is one of the cornerstones of the mining industry – ensuring the safety of all personnel.
Our safety record is the result of our company’s application of rigorous safety mechanisms, which are used to avoid any incident that could affect safety.

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